My name is
Arruum Murti Ayu Titis Sari
officially turning 17 this year. Javanese blooded girl who stays in Magelang. I am a blogger, students in Senior High School 3 Magelang in grade 12. I am the only child in my family.I really really love my family.
Born with black wavy hair, but now, my hair turn very straight. 157 height, and 45 kg weight. I have a flat- nose, a short body, a big ass, a dark skin, but I love it. It makes me very special. I am a forgetful person, egoistic , overly emotional, spoiled, dreamer, an atom of silliness. I’m not very beautiful but I have inner-beauty . . . HEHEHEHE (: just joking, but many of my boyfriend’s friends said that I am a funny, cute, and kind person . . ahahaha (:  
Oh ! I almost forget! I am a girl with veil . .

1.         FASHION

I really love fashion. Because I can express anything with fashion. I like to buy a cute dress, a funky clothes, a silly jeans, and many more. I like to collect cool bracelet , necklace , rings , and headband. I love supermodel Irina Lazareanu because she is very beautiful and cool. I like her style so much! She is multi – talented, she ever plays a movie, with the title of Catwalk.


I love photograph, but I don’t have a good camera. Just my digital camera and my handphone camera. But, with that I still can make a good photo. HAHAHA (: I am not arrogant, but that people said about my photos. I just edit them.


Mm . . I love travelling with my family and my friends. I really enjoy  to go to the beach and to the plantation. I love the air, it’s so fresh and natural. Sometimes, my family and I takes a photo together for the remembrances.

4.      MUSIC

Talking about music, I like a pop , hardcore and electronic music. I don’t like jazz because I don’t understand about jazz anymore, and I don’t like classic because it make me sleepy. HEHEHEHE. A mad fan of NIDJI , CAPTAIN JACK , Avril Lavigne , Lady Gaga , Katy Perry , Jessie J , GEISHA , SNSD , DBSK , 2NE1  , Agnes Monica , Paris Hilton , Judika , CRASHBONE , SABERTOOTH , UNDERBRED , RESENTMENT , ICE CREAM ATTACK! , RESISTANCE , STRIKER , STRIKE FIGHT HC , PATRIC WILSON , JUPITER SHOP , BLOODYDIE , SERIGALA MALAM , PESAKITAN , FIREBIRD , TINKERBELL DISCOLLEGERS , THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA , ALESANA , TEARS OF FATE , DEADSQUAD , FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE , THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER , ROCKET ROCKERS , HEAVEN ON TEARS , and Aerosmith. Hahaha those are my favorite band and singer ! Oh!  I like playing guitar (:

5.       MOVIES

I like watching movies. I like romance, comedian, and animation movies. For the actor I love Vino G. Bastian, Emma Roberts, Lindsay Lohan, Shin Min Ah, BARBIE and Hillary Duff.

Blogging, Twitter, NIDJI, Avril Lavigne, HARDCORE , traveling anywhere, fashion, photograph, editing photos, smell of soap and hospital, guitar, Lays Seaweed flavor, good books, BARBIE, ice cream, the sims, arumanis, donnuts, watching DVD, shopping, and laughing.

Official contact. Find me on :
Blog         :  http://arruumurti.blogspot.com/

I started to love blogging on 2008, and start this blog on 2010. This is a blog about bunches of my favorite thing and all about my life. So prepare your eyes, your mind and enjoy this blog (: