Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fashion Inspiration

This is my first post with my new blog’s name! well, now I’m going to discuss about my fashion inspiration! I have so many fashion inspirations ! They are a very fashionable person of course. 

1. CL 2NE1

CL is very beautiful person I think. I love everything that she wear! She is very very fashionable. Ah all of you must know this woman! She is the member of 2NE1 Girl band from Korea.  Her voice is very melodious and you will fall in love with her if you hear CL sing or rapping! I’m not a K-Poppers but I adore the Korean Fashion style. It is unique and ridiculous. WLook at her style and you will know why I adore her !

2. Lady Gaga

My mother monster. A crazy but adorable woman! A fabulous singer and world fashion icon! Ha ha ha Why I choose this mother monster become my fashion inspiration ?  As we know, Lady gaga’s closet is extraordinary and ridiculous but she has a beautiful taste of fashion in every closet that she wear. I do not want wear a clothes like she wear but I love the way she dress and explore her fashion style.
3. Anastasia Siantar

The brown platform girl. Very beautiful, sexy, inspiring, and of course fashionable. Stalk her blog for 10 minutes, and I get headache because of her closets ! I want all her clothes, pants, dresses, skirts, bags, shoes, and accessories! I want it all! She lives in Indonesia, but she has already travelling around the world, and she has successfully makes me become very jealous to her because she ever lives in Paris for a long time! Ah she is very lucky girl! Look at her style, I’m sure that you will love her very much! visit this ! Anastasia Siantar :) 

4. Sonia Eryka Moe

The riotous Barbie! Yes, she likes a Barbie. She inspiring me on fashion and photography. She is a smart girl I think, because in the teenage age she has a café called ninotchka! Her style is cute, simple, but cool. The clothes that she wear is very simple but she can combine it with the other cool stuff and woalaa a very cool outfit is done! Check this riot Barbie’s style at Sonia Eryka Moe :)

5. Diana Rikasari 

Hot chocolate & mint woman and UP’s mother. The number one fashion blogger in Indonesia! Not a girl again but now a wife of “S”. I don’t know who is “S” exactly but one thing that I know that “S” is her husband. ha ha ha fashionable and smart woman. Her style is like Lady Gaga’s style, ridiculous, colorful, not ordinary, and not simple. But I love her way to combine the colors and super love her shoes, UP products! Her OWN shoes bran. What a WOW ! curious about her ? click this ! Diana Rikasari :)

6. Indah Nada Puspita

Sketch of Me is her blog’s name. She is a hijabers ehm very fashionable hijabers I think. Hey she wear hijab but she still looks very cool like that. She proves that the veil-people also can dress fashionably like the un-veil-ed people. I very adore her because I wear veil and I want to become a fashionable veil-ed people like her. Look her and you will agree with my state! Look her at Indah Nada Puspita :)

7. Siti Juwariyah

The writer of SATURDAY blog and book titled HIJABIST. Very fashionable hijabers. A coach of hijab tutorial. Lucky ? Of course. She has a very good taste of hijab and dressed well. Simple but amazing style. Check her photos at Siti Juwariyah :)
8. Dian Pelangi

The merchant daughter. Very very very lucky woman. Travelling around the world is her holiday. Love her photograph so much. Her closet is very colorful, same with her name, Pelangi or Rainbow. She has many boutiques in Indonesia. One of her boutiques is near my koko’s house and near malioboro too. Everytime I go to my koko’s house I also visit her boutiques. Hmmm she is very adorable woman. Check this Dian Pelangi :)

9. Suri Cruise

I’m sure that you all know this cute girl,huh? Yeah, she is a GIRL and she still a children but she has a very good taste of fashion! Tom Cruise’s children! what a wonderfull child she is? she can explore her fashion, dress very fashionable like that and still looks like a children not like a woman. Yeah, she inspired me so much. Look this !
                That’s all my fashion inspiration, I love the 9 persons above and don’t forget, their STUFF! I wish I can have all of their stuff! Ha ha ha. Everybody in this world can be a fashionable person, it just depend on that person’s self. Not need a high cost to be a fashionable. Just brave to do an experiment about fashion in your life.

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