Sunday, December 23, 2012

27th of SMANAGA

my classmates \m/

Hey! I just wanna share you something. Last month, my school celebrated its 27th birthday. Horay! It was a very good moment you know. There was a “PENSI” in my school, every class must perform in that celebration. It was very hilarious event because the perform was unique. There was a traditional dance, Tumpeng competition, choir, cheerledance, flash mob with the India dance and modern dance, modern dance, percussion, band, reggae, and musical drama. That day, everybody in my school was very happy. 

Okay, I just want to tell you about my class perform. We presented percussion, acoustic, dance, and wotagei with JKT 48’s song! Not just only one song but there was 4 song of JKT 48. What I did? I was dancing at that event. Ha ha ha . 

Curious about my class performance? You can just click at http://www.youtube.com/ then type the key word “ La ve Graciest ” that was the name of my class. 
Or the simple and faster way you can click this 

Did you know ? that video’s viewer is more than 150 ! aaaa I’m so grateful to know that. So, You everybody that read this post must watch that video too. OK? MUST! 


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