Friday, March 2, 2012


Night monsters :*do you know ?  I don’t have any idea about what I must write for this post , but I don’t know why , maybe an angel give me a brilliant idea so I decide to write something that is soooo interesting for me (: hahahah forget it , curious about what will I write monsters ? hihihihi check this. 

Everybody has dreams. Me too. I have a lot of dreams. I love dreaming, it make me feels very happy. hahhaa , that’s the clue about the topic of my post. I will tell you, about my dreams :DD nice huh?

1. I will makes my parents proud of me (:

                I love my mommy and daddy very much. They are my reason why I life. They always support me (: They are very good motivators. They have a good personality. I am very grateful of having parents like my mom and dad. I don’t know how much they spend they’re money for me, for fullfil my needs, for my future, and for my fun. I feels safe and happy when I was together with them :D I love my parents very much :** and SOMEDAY I WILL MAKES MY PARENTS PROUD OF ME.

2. I will be a succesfull doctor :D

                Ooh I very very very very want to be a doctor. I hope I can. If I am a doctor my parents must be proud of me. Hmm, I must prepare for that. I will study harder than before, I will discipline in shalat , I will pray to GOD in order to ask for his blessing and guidance so I can be a doctor. Hey I interested with surgeon. When I was child, I often played with my friends, we like to play a role. I was a dotor and my friends are the patient. Hahahaha that’s so funny :D beside that I am so corious about the organ of human especially the inner organ. I want to know how is the heart looks like ? I want to know about the shape of intestines and so on. and I trust that SOMEDAY  I WILL BE A SUCCESFULL SURGEON.

3. I will go to Europe with my family :b

                Ahaaa who want to go to Europe especially Paris someday with me? aahaa , I wish I can go there with my family , with my husband and my parents (: Yeah I must pray to GOD , hopefully I have a rich husband (AMIIIN) so he can invite me and my parents to have a holiday there ahhh it will be a very nice holiday. Hahaha did you know ? I have a cute photo about Paris and me , hahahhaa this is the effect of my dreams -.- I’m insane with PARIS. because SOMEDAY I WILL GO TO PARIS WITH MY FAMILY.

4. I will be a fashion blogger c:

                This is my dream for my blog. Hmm , I want to be like Diana Rikasari , Anastasia Siantar , and Sonia Eryka , they are my favorite fashion bloggers. I love everything about they’re style :D they are so inspiring me. I try to be like them. Hehehee , I will post many picture of me and my style start from the next post. Aaaa hope my blog will be a fashion blog :s with my hard effort SOMEDAY I WILL BE A FASHION BLOGGER.

I think enough for this post , I will tell you about my dreams in another post and in another occasion. Hahaha , but my dream for yesterday , hmmm not dream but TARGETS are I able to be the first rank in the class or school , join the physics Olympiad and win it , I can enter the medical faculty of GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY and I can get the scholarship. AMIIN (: monsters , please pray for me ya? hihihi :*

note : Sorry for the bad use of English :( I am a beginner. hahaha :D


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