Friday, March 2, 2012

goodbye :*

gue gatau mau nulis apa :( yang jelas ga ada mood banget buat ngomongin hal yang satu ini ! pokoknya GUE CAPEK DIPERMAINKAN PERASAANNYA , GUE CAPEK GA DIPERHATIIN SAMA PACAR SENDIRI.

dan gue cuma mau bilang 


terimakasih buat 4 bulan lebih 1 minggunya bang, terimakasih buat semua yang abang beri , mau luka mau seneng pokoknya semuanya :D adek  minta maaf buat semua kesalahan adek bang :( adek sayang banget sama abang , sampe sekarang :( adek kangen senyum sama suara abang :( adek sebenernya gamau putus bang :( tapi mau gimana lagi , adek bener - bener ga kuat kalo harus diginiin terus . Adek capek gapernah diperhatiin sama abang , adek capek dicuekin , adek capek di bosenin sama abang , adek juga capek nungguin abang , adek capek mbujuk abang biar abang perhatian sama adek , adek capek ngingetin kalo tu cewek ga bener , adek capek liat abang deket sama cewek lain , adek juga super capek kalo harus dipermainin perasaannya :( adek minta maaf ya :( 

abang laki - laki yang baik , menyenangkan , tapi sayang abang cuek banget , bahkan sama adek :( banyak lo bang rencana kita yang belom ke laksana :( kapan.kapan di laksanain ya abang :*
hihihi , adek sayang abang :* adek doain abang sukses.
bang , waktu adek nulis ini seriusan adek kangen banget sama abang :( hahaha 

satu yang bakal adek kangen banget , satu lagu yang kita sama - sama suka ! hehehe , bukan CJ lo bang , itu ga romantis kalo CJ -.-“ kalo yang ini romantiis :

It always appeared before me
I remember your face
My heart that stopped short
You spitefully took my disfunctional heart
Because the hand that holds me tight is as warm as spring
And now like a dream
My heart has gradually stopped by your side
Without awakening for a single moment
I dream an endless dream
And now like breathing
If you were to always rest by my side
If you were to always remain this way
Nothing better
Nothing better than you  

(Seul Ong - Nothing Better)

terimakasih ya abang :* dadaaah :* jangan salah pilih pacar ! hahaha :D jangan sama yang itu juga, BAHAYA !!!! terakhir , adek sayang abaang sangaat! :* :* :* semangat terus ya abang sayang :*
maaf ya , mungkin postingannya aGak lebay , tapi ini perasaan saya :DD



Night monsters :*do you know ?  I don’t have any idea about what I must write for this post , but I don’t know why , maybe an angel give me a brilliant idea so I decide to write something that is soooo interesting for me (: hahahah forget it , curious about what will I write monsters ? hihihihi check this. 

Everybody has dreams. Me too. I have a lot of dreams. I love dreaming, it make me feels very happy. hahhaa , that’s the clue about the topic of my post. I will tell you, about my dreams :DD nice huh?

1. I will makes my parents proud of me (:

                I love my mommy and daddy very much. They are my reason why I life. They always support me (: They are very good motivators. They have a good personality. I am very grateful of having parents like my mom and dad. I don’t know how much they spend they’re money for me, for fullfil my needs, for my future, and for my fun. I feels safe and happy when I was together with them :D I love my parents very much :** and SOMEDAY I WILL MAKES MY PARENTS PROUD OF ME.

2. I will be a succesfull doctor :D

                Ooh I very very very very want to be a doctor. I hope I can. If I am a doctor my parents must be proud of me. Hmm, I must prepare for that. I will study harder than before, I will discipline in shalat , I will pray to GOD in order to ask for his blessing and guidance so I can be a doctor. Hey I interested with surgeon. When I was child, I often played with my friends, we like to play a role. I was a dotor and my friends are the patient. Hahahaha that’s so funny :D beside that I am so corious about the organ of human especially the inner organ. I want to know how is the heart looks like ? I want to know about the shape of intestines and so on. and I trust that SOMEDAY  I WILL BE A SUCCESFULL SURGEON.

3. I will go to Europe with my family :b

                Ahaaa who want to go to Europe especially Paris someday with me? aahaa , I wish I can go there with my family , with my husband and my parents (: Yeah I must pray to GOD , hopefully I have a rich husband (AMIIIN) so he can invite me and my parents to have a holiday there ahhh it will be a very nice holiday. Hahaha did you know ? I have a cute photo about Paris and me , hahahhaa this is the effect of my dreams -.- I’m insane with PARIS. because SOMEDAY I WILL GO TO PARIS WITH MY FAMILY.

4. I will be a fashion blogger c:

                This is my dream for my blog. Hmm , I want to be like Diana Rikasari , Anastasia Siantar , and Sonia Eryka , they are my favorite fashion bloggers. I love everything about they’re style :D they are so inspiring me. I try to be like them. Hehehee , I will post many picture of me and my style start from the next post. Aaaa hope my blog will be a fashion blog :s with my hard effort SOMEDAY I WILL BE A FASHION BLOGGER.

I think enough for this post , I will tell you about my dreams in another post and in another occasion. Hahaha , but my dream for yesterday , hmmm not dream but TARGETS are I able to be the first rank in the class or school , join the physics Olympiad and win it , I can enter the medical faculty of GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY and I can get the scholarship. AMIIN (: monsters , please pray for me ya? hihihi :*

note : Sorry for the bad use of English :( I am a beginner. hahaha :D